New England First

Every Region of The United States of America could have been a country, or a Nation. The US is a complex tapestry, maybe even more complicated than Bayeux. To that end, it’s worth disentangling and owning your legacy. You can’t know your way in the world, if you don’t know where you are, or how where you are came to be there to hold you.

This is New England, rightful inheritor of a number of legacies, some spurned and some beloved. We were a Nation founded in English reckoning of Liberty, and even covered in so much mud the spark is there. Some of us, feeling a tie to this land, know to the jot and tittle where their bloodlines begin and end, and others not so much. But both may, could and maybe should feel a kinship with the land that birthed them. And to those born without, from Away, whether you stay outsiders or become newcomers: gain an understanding of this land.

This website will seek to enshrine the often forgotten, and more often unknown tales, histories, myths and legends of the towns and cities one can visit over time as they follow the yellow lines across our blacktop. Like New England herself, the list of names of towns in the ledger will be small at first – but know that every town has a story and to cover even a county could take a while.

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